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Tampa, Florida |March 7 – 10, 2018

WITS Alliance | AWP 2018 Panels + Meetings

Thursday, March 8th:

  • 1:30pm | Poetry in Public Places: Room 5 & 6, Tampa Convention Center, 1st floor

Why don’t people read poetry? Is it because it’s not right in front of them? Are there opportunities for putting poetry on a pedestal, or a city wall, or a sidewalk? Panelists will share their experiences putting poetry in the public eye, changing the perception of literature from inaccessible to interactive and inspiring. They will also share how you can build relationships in your community to create projects that directly impact communities.

Panelists: Meggie Monahan (WITS Houston), Laurin Macios (Mass Poetry), Scott Cunningham (O, Miami), Martin Farawell (Dodge Poetry Festival), Aisha Sloan (University of Arizona Poetry Center)

  • 4:30pm | The Literary Twitterati: Room 16, Tampa Convention Center, 1st floor

Meet some of the most important minds in the Twitterverse as they share experiences as literary citizens in 140 characters or less. Whether advocating for increased visibility or enjamb-ing your horoscope, these panelists will talk about their approach to digital communication and how you can create a platform of your own.

Panelists: Analicia Sotelo, Dorothea Lasky, Ruben Quesada, Kaveh Akbar, Eve Ewing

Friday, March 9th:

  • 9:00am | WITS Alliance Meeting: Room 13, Tampa Convention Center, 1st floor

Writers in the Schools (WITS) Alliance invites current and prospective members to attend a general meeting led by Robin Reagler, Executive Director of WITS Houston. We will discuss how to start and/or expand a WITS program in your community, fundraising, strategies for growth, technology in classrooms, and more.

  • 10:30am | A WITS Alumni Reading: The Unfiltered Imagination: Room 14, Tampa Convention Center, 1st floor

For over 20 years, writers have taught creative writing in K-12 classrooms through the WITS Alliance, building on skills while in graduate school, freelance writing, or working on a novel or a collection of poetry. 4 seasoned writers who started with WITS will read from their own work and discuss how teaching young children can serve as a reminder of how powerful the unfiltered imagination can be.

Panelists: Jack McBride, Niki Herd, Nicky Beer, Karyna McGlynn, Ramon Isao 

  • 1:30pm | Jobs! Jobs! Jobs! The Unconventional Writing Career: Room 14, Tampa Convention Center, 1st floor

While the tenure-track teaching job is often the dream of creative writers, the academic market has become increasingly competitive, calling for much more than an M.F.A or a Ph.D. Here are exciting careers you can build outside of the ivory tower, where your mastery of language and critical thinking skills can make a real difference in communities. From the creative to the nonprofit sectors, listen in as our panelists share how you can craft a meaningful living.

Panelists: Michele Kotler (Community-Word Project), Martin Rock (Exploratorium), Abby Travis (Milkweed Editions), Thomas Calder (Mountain Xpress), Giuseppe Taurino (University of Houston Creative Writing Program)

Saturday, March 10th:

  • 10:30am | Small Experiments with Radical Intent: Room 14, Tampa Convention Center, 1st floor

How do you take a small experiment and make it successful, creating radical change in our literary landscape? How do you balance risk-taking with smart planning when it comes to initiating projects that could transform opportunities for communities who may not otherwise have access? Panelists will discuss how they took an experiment and built it into an institution, sharing insights and best practices.

Panelists: Alicia Craven, Kima Jones, Ramiza Koya, Janine Joseph, Desiree Dallagiacomo

  • 1:30pm  | Loud Because We Have to Be: Literary Advocacy in Today’s World: Room 7, 8, & 9, Tampa Convention Center, First Floor

Words have the power to change lives, but how can we work together to ensure our words are heard? Panelists will discuss how they became deeply invested in the communities they live in and serve, and what you can do to team up with others for quick, effective advocacy. They will also discuss best practices for managing your professional career and writing life alongside community efforts.

Panelists: Tina Cane (WITS Rhode Island), Diane Lane (Get Lit), Erin Belieu (Writers Resist), Britt Udesen (LitNet), Amalia Kruszel