Are-you-ready_1024For anyone interested in starting or growing a WITS project in your area, you should know about the Writers in the Schools Alliance.  We just received word about new funding so we hope that we can find ways to help you. Whether you work with K-12 students through an organization or as an individual, we hope that you will participate in WITS Alliance activities, if they seem useful to you.

Our big group meeting this year will be at the AWP Conference in Denver in April 2010. At the conference there will be six official WITS panels, as well as a membership meeting on Wednesday afternoon, April 7 and a party on Thursday evening, April 8. If you decide to attend, feel free to use your WITSA “membership” –we don’t have a formal process in place for this yet so you’re obligating yourself—but take advantage of the discount if it will help you.

The WITS Alliance is a work in progress. We are writing a new grant next month, and it would be great to hear back your specific interests in this field.  Let me know if there are items on your agenda that you think might be shared.  Happy back-to-school!


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