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Fort Kent WITS Writers and their students gather for an Earth Celebration. (April 2009)

The most recent issue of the Aroostook Review, an online literary journal published the University of Maine at Fort Kent, features a number poems by WITS students from Maine. The University of Maine at Fort Kent’s English Program offers a WITS training course which offers both theoretical and experiential components for undergraduate and graduate students. The WITS program in Fort Kent was founded by Geraldine Cannon Becker. For more information about WITS at UMFK, click here.

“Alley Cat” is a poem by a six year old Maine student:


Alley Cat

It’s just an old alley cat,

a bag of old bones.

It has no proud tiger stripes.

It can’t even reach its bowl.

It hasn’t a star on its head.

Though, we shall call you pretty…

“Pretty, come in.”

by Joanna, age 6


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