The vision of the WITS Alliance is that every child will have the opportunity to work with a professional writer to develop the tools necessary for success. The Writers in the Schools Alliance (WITS Alliance) is a professional network of literary arts education programs and individuals who serve K-12 students and provide professional development for their teachers.

Members, whether individuals or organizations, engage children in the joy and power of reading and writing through long-term writer-in-residency programs in their classrooms. Intensive literary arts instruction enhances the public school environment and gives children the opportunity to develop effective communication and critical thinking skills. As a result students are empowered both emotionally and academically and are better prepared for the future.

With 38 member organizations, the WITS Alliance serves over 100,000 students each year.  The core values of the WITS Alliance are:

  • A literary education is the birthright of every child,
  • All students benefit from exposure to literature from a diverse range of authors,
  • Active involvement in the literary arts increases student engagement in school and contributes to improved academic performance,
  • Public celebration of student writing through publications and readings builds self-esteem,
  • Collaboration with professional writers in designing writing curriculum provides valuable hands-on professional development for teachers, and
  • Partnerships between teachers and professional writers create lesson plans that result in a richer classroom experience.

Across the nation and around the globe, the WITS approach is helping students become motivated to learn and engaged in their own futures.  For more information on the WITS Alliance, please contact Robin Reagler. If you are already familiar with the movement and ready to participate,

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